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Our many famous Brand Names include:

Cosmorex Coffee
Fine Coffee Beans
Expertly Roasted in Canberra
Cosmorex Coffee has a bean or blend of beans
to suit your taste, and really get your cafe steaming
Moffat Blue Seal
Moffat is the Leading Heavy Duty Catering Equipment ManufacturerBBCK Rcommends the Blue Seal Range along with their many other brands
Birko Catering Equipment
Strong, Ecconomical and Reilable
With Birko / Zip we have Cafe and Catering Equipment
 to suit your every need
 Another Quality Moffat Brand Washtech glass and ware washers are simple and reliable. 
They have large filter screens so that they perform well, even under heavy Tourist Traffic when you need them
most.  Fit a Detergent and Rinse Aide Pump and use
our Taren products with anti scale so that you never
have to worry about the performance
of your dishwasher ever again 
If you have the Cafe culture, then Woodson make the equipment for you.  Maximise returns from your Bar or front of house with their large range of dependable Cafe and Serving Equipment 
Diadema Coffee Machines
Simply the best Epresso Machine to compliment your Artisan Roasted Cosmorex Coffee
The GP from coffee can ensure that you are taking more from the coffee machine than from all other activity in the cafe combined.  Tho only when you are serving quality beans espressed by thesse quality machines
Metro Shelving Systems
 Modular Shelving to suit your Cool Room,
Freezer Room or Dry Store
Metro Wire and Plastic Mat shelving comes with a long,
long 10 year, corrosion warranty so it stays
 in great shape, no matter how close to
the water you are.
ARC France Glass and Servingware
Glass and serving ware to meet the needs of the basic takeaway to the finest restaurant
Simply no finer Steam Combi Oven Convotherm significantly increase the production of your kitchen without any increase in your Biggest cost, Staff.  Use Convotherm Steam Combi Ovens to reduce your costs while maximising your returns from exceptionally well cooked meals   
Streamline Refrigeration
Quality Danfos Compressors ensure that our range of Streamline fridges will keep your stock cool and fresh no matter how Hot or Busy the long Summer days get 
Bakbar / Turbofan Ovens
Another Quality Moffat Product
The Bakbar is known for its strong and even heat, and reliability.
Put a Turbofan oven in your kitchen today!
Simply Stainless
 Flat Pack Stainless Steel options to save you money and maximise your kitchen's flexibility.  
No need to wrestle with the Health Inspector over those
old, chipped Laminex Benchtops.
Simply Stainless' great price ensures quality
stainless steel fittings are within everybody's grasp
Moffat Cobra
 If price is your driver and your business seasonal?
Moffat Cobra is a cheap reliable alternative
 with all of the support of the
Moffat Brand 
Ask for a Cobra Quote today to see that quality commercial equipment can be within everyones grasp
KitchenAid Commercial
Where style meets quality.
Small, Light Equipment with a
Commercial Use Warranty
Take them home on your days off!
KitchenAid makes the perfect Domestic /
Commercial crossover range
Casio ECR and POS and
Electronic Cash Registers & Point of Sale Systems to suit your business needs
Electronic Paging Systems, and ancillary equipment 

Bromic Refrigeration

Counter Top Displays, Single Double Dorr Fridges and Freezers all at a very competitive price

Robot Coupe

Simply the Best Cutting, Mixing, and food processing Equipment on the market

Food Equipment Distributors

Budget Equipment but with great support, F.E.D. puts new equipment winthin  your easy reach
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